UpCycle Malé Karpaty Project

UpCycle: "To reuse in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original"

UpCycle is a Not-For-Profit organisation. Our mission is to deliver a series of recreational, educational, environmental and social initiatives in and around the Malé Karpaty (MK) through collaboration, consultation, partnership and community involvement.


What we aim to create

1. Tour de MK

Family friendly, traffic free cycle path connecting towns and villages all the way round the MK. This will increase cycle tourism, leisure cycling, family bike rides, cycling to work and school and trade for businesses.

2. Forest class rooms for environmental education and research

Used by students during the week and open to the public for family and community activities during the weekend. Teaching and research potential - new jobs and research initiatives involving the community.

3. World class mountain bike trails

Designed constructed and maintained to achieve the highest standard of modern MTB trails with a bike park visitor centre - aiming to host top level UCI events, attract greater numbers of cycle tourists and provide the best facilities in central Europe for you to ride.

4. A forest visitor centre

Providing a great place for the local community to visit and enjoy education and courses on all aspects of what goes on in the forest, making stronger links between those who work in the forest, and those who live around it and enjoy it recreationally.



Through transparent management, effective communication and open consultation with the community, state, private businesses and expert organisations.

Aiming high ..... sensitively

It is important for everyone to understand that this project has to meet certain standards to progress. These are:

  1. That we cause the minimum disruption and impact upon the environment of the MK, as such we will be working closely and following guidance from all relevant bodies.
  2. That the local communities actually want these facilities to be provided.
  3. That all trails be built to a high enough standard to attract international tourism and competition.
  4. That the trails are built and maintained to keep all users on or around the trails safe.
  5. That the communities surrounding the MK embrace future tourism in an effort to re-invigorate the area through financial stimulation - providing an environment and facilities that people will want to return to time and again.

Get involved

What we want from you

To make a community project happen ..... the community must take part.



Who we are

UpCycle is a civic association formed by cyclists who care for the environment they cycle in. Our goals are many, focussing on improving environmental education, cycling and cycle tourism through community involvement.

What we believe in

  1. Transparency and honesty
  2. Quality – we believe that the cheapest is not always the best
  3. Communication and cooperation
  4. Ambition and positivity


So far we have held successful meetings with the following officials and organisations:

All the above have shown enthusiasm and positivity towards the project and we aim to continue meeting with local municipalities and officials from the Male Karpaty region to gain further support and permission to carry out the project.

We will also actively be looking for sponsors, donors and partners from the private/business sector who wish to finance part or the entire project.

Links to similar facilities in other countries:


Contact us

Our email: upcycleoz@gmail.com

Build it and they will come, preserve it and your children will thank you, value it and it will reward you.

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